News and reviews

“Superb environment”

August 18th, 2015
End of our stay in this little corner of paradise !!
After 2 weeks discovering this beautiful country, we spent 4 days in this beautiful villa with a very thorough decoration and a superb environment, whether it be the park or this beautiful swimming pool that made happy our teenagers.
Bandara, always very smiling, waited on us hand and foot !!
Beautiful food with an explosion of flavors and the best Rice & Curry ever of our stay !!
Thank you to Jean-Charles and Bandara and his team for everything. It was GREAT !
Valérie, Olivier, Hugues, Eléonore
Guests from France

“Pampered !”

August 9th, 2015
We have had a very nice stay in this wonderful villa.
After a north/south week journey in Sri Lanka, we took a great pleasure in resting in this oasis, 3 to 4 days.
On top of a superb house in a green setting, we were welcomed and pampered by Bandara. He waited on hand and foot for our little family, answering all of our questions and needs, and always with great kindness.
The Chef cooked superb and typical meals. What a treat, especially in such surroundings.
The pool, given its size and water games, was a source of joy and pleasures.
The park, so well tree-filled and decorated, with its screaming monkeys jumping from tree to tree, is a true change of scene.
All of this contributed to make our sri lankan stay a superb discovery and will forever be in our memory.
Thank you to JC and Bandara for welcoming us.
And why not coming back one day…
PS : Special Credit for the good taste decoration.
Guests from France and Singapore

“loving memories”

August 4th, 2015
Dear JC, Christine and Bandara
I’m glad to spend one night at Villa Sepalika .It was breathtaking the environment and everything.
Pleasure to meet such a friendly and adorable people like you. I had a great time here.
Good food (Excellent I mean), the time I spent in that beautiful pool, that interersting discussion we had in the evening about those french actors, litterature…and so on. Though it was quite a little time, I leave this place with bunch of loving memories.
I will recommend this place to anyone without any hesitation and I would say
          Welcome the Villa Sepalika
          Such a lovely place
          Any time of year
          You can find it here..
Thank you so much for everything JC, Christine and Bandara. I wish you all Best of luck !!!
With love
Guest from Sri Lanka