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“What a wonderful place !”

What a wonderful place to stay, and everyone so helpful and courteous.
Would like to stay forever but I fear I’d become totally sploiled !
Bandara gets the prize for most fashionable bearer, at least three outfits a day ! Thank you also for a wondeful stay – we’ll be back!
Tony, Leila, Sasha and Alfred
Guests from UK

“Such a wonderful holiday”

January 1st, 2016
Thank you for making our stay in Villa Sepalika so wonderful !
We stayed 3 days in this amazing house surrounded by a beautiful garden. The place is very peaceful and the swimming pool has a great size. Deco in the rooms is very tasteful.
The staff has been very friendly and full of very touchy attentions. They prepared a surprise for the birthday of our 3 year old and filled the outdoor dining area with balloons and colourful decoration ! Thank you for making our stay so perfect.
Sophie and Benoit
French guests from Hong-Kong