The living room

This is the Villa’s main space since it measures 1000sq.ft. (95m2). Actually, all the different spaces are in a row.
The living room both gives onto the long veranda, the square veranda and the courtyard.
We paid great attention to the interior design ( typical genuine antiques from Sri Lanka).

Entrance Lobby

The main entrance door as well as every window and door are antique items. Wood carving is particularly fine.

A five heads Ganesh statue welcomes you in the lobby. Ganesh in Hinduism is one of the most sacred god.He is also a household protective god.

As you arrive in the villa, feel free to sit on the long sofa and enjoy our cordial drink.

Library Parlor

An octogonal sculpted wooden table is in the center on this intermediate space.

Books and comic books (in french) are at your disposal in the tall bookshelf.
On the veranda side, two comfortable armchairs will allow you to sit and enjoy the park view through the window. 

Dining Room

Meals will take place around the large table if you wish. At diner time, you may enjoy the view of the long veranda enlightened by warm colored glass lanterns.

TV Lobby

If you like, after supper, you may enjoy a nice TV program or DVD ( original version or french version).

The safran color of the couch and the blue coffee table bring a more contemporary touch to the lobby.