Birth of the project

Villa SEPALIKA’s starting point goes back to our first visit to Sri-Lanka in 2005. We really fell in love then with this country, the people and the culture.

The wish of setting up a touristic project came up during our successive trips. Its purpose was to allow visitors to share our enthusiasm and to discover this beautiful country.

Thus with time and our longstanding srilankan friend Bandara who will now welcome you upon your arrival, we found the ideal piece of land near Galle to make this close to heart project come true.

In 2012, with the assistance of a local architect, we threw ourselves into the construction of the this villa corresponding with our taste for colonial houses that are giving all its charm to the island’s historical past.

Today, our property is “a little Sri Lanka in itself” as we like to mention, a 9500 yd2 (8.000m2) land with about fifty local varieties of trees, flowers and bushes, all in a calm and warm rural environment.